Welcome to a new blog – “Dispatches from the Front Line.” Why this title? Well, like you, I am in the front line of this journey called life right now, but it feels more like a battle to me sometimes.

Who am I? Not that different from many out there. I’m a mother, a wife, an active member of our local church, and have been thrust reluctantly into being the primary breadwinner for my family, which comprises a husband, daughter and son. As do so many others, I am trying to provide for my family, be a good person, live a good life. But it’s hard, and not always because of my own issues.

It seems to me that there are a lot of forces arrayed against the contemporary family.  I read and hear a lot of things in the media but it never seems like anyone says exactly what I am living.  People are arrayed firmly on the left and on the right and yet from my own conversations with friends, it seems so many of us are in the middle, wanting to be pragmatic, willing to compromise and worried about the larger issues in our world and how our children will be affected.

And what I find is a popular culture that is all pervasive and toxic, an economic situation that is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression, politicians who don’t seem capable of solving anything, families barely holding together and our communities splintering.

This blog is my attempt to talk about how to make things better — how to heal our communities, large and small, on the national and the local level, and what it takes to re-stitch them together.

I hope this blog will help sort some of those things out for me, but also that it might be useful for others who are asking some of the same questions. Sometimes, singularly, it feels like we are not capable of much – but together, we are capable of almost anything. I hope this blog might be a way to get people thinking.



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    This is how you get started.

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